Sunday, August 2, 2015

Papercuts 2015 Papercraft Contest - Show Your Original Work!

What do you think about showing your work and mabe earn some credits to buy books and papercraft magazines? Eric Brown, designer and modeler from Cardboard Warriors forum, starts a Papercraft Contest, the Papercuts 2015, where you can show your original work, participate, discuss, make friends and know people who really like the paper hobby. The rules are simple: make stuff out of paper, take a picture, start a thread in the appropriate part of the Papercuts Showcase boards. Post your picture and a download (if a design entry) of the model or miniature. Discuss and enjoy. Judging will be determined 100% by forum member voting. You do not have to pay anything to participate. Just register in the forum (also free) and enjoy.

The categories:

1) Best Single Figure (Original)

2) Best Multi-figure (Original)

3) Best Model kit - 3D terrain, vehicle, building (Original)

4) Best Tileset (Original)

5) Papercraft in Action (Stock Model Builds + SOME non-paper)

6) Hot Rod and Kit-bashers - (Modded Kits)

7) Best In Show (Chosen from all the entries above)

Visit the page to know more and participate. The deadline is 09/01/2015.

Link: Papercuts.2015.Papercraft.Contest.Show.Your.Original.Work!

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