Friday, January 16, 2015

WW2`s 8 Bits Tanks Paper Models - by World Of Tanks

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Three cool paper models of WW2`s tanks in 8 bits style, the Raider, the Mammoth and the Berzek, to celebrate the new 8 bits version of the Russian online game World Of Tanks.

 photo 8bitstankspapercrafts002_zps9f8a222c.jpg

Três modelos de papel legais de tanques da Segunda Grande Guerra em estilo de 8 bits, o Raider, o Mamooth e o Berzek, para celebrar a nova versão 8 bits do game online russo World of Tanks.

 photo 8bitstankspapercrafts003_zpsea86c2c5.jpg

Link: WW2`

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