Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Simpsons - New Kid On The Block Vignette Paper Model
by Mosquis

 photo bartlovesagirlpapercraft001_zps37beccfd.jpg

If you like The Simpsons I think you will love this very easy-to-build Vignette paper model created by Spanish designer Luis Olmedo, aka Mosquis. This vignette was inspired in the episode "New Kid On The Block".

 photo bartlovesagirlpapercraft002_zps37beccfd.jpg

Se você gosta dos Simpsons eu acho que você vai amar este Vinheta bem fácil de montar criada pelo designer espanhol Luis Olmedo, aka Mosquis. Esta vinheta foi inspirada no episódio "New Kid On The Block".


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