Friday, November 21, 2014

Youkai Watch - Tetsuya The Late Night Gamer Youkai Paper Toy
by Vayashi

 photo youkaiwatchtetsuya001papertoy02_zpsc86ab02c.jpg

This is Tetsuya, character from Youkai Watch anime, in a nice paper toy version created by Japanese designer Vayashi. Tetsuya is the late night gamer youkai with dark bags under his eyes and coffee balancing on his head.

 photo youkaiwatchtetsuya001papertoy01_zps5a59726e.jpg

Este é Tetsuya, personagem do anime Youkai Watch, em uma versão paper toy bem bacana criada pelo designer japonês Vayashi. Tetsuya é o jogador youkai noturno, com grandes olheiras negras e uma xícara de café na cabeça.


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