Friday, November 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Bottlecap Mine Paper Model - by Broken Papercrafts

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This very well done paper model in 1/1 scale of the Bottlecap Mine, from Fallout 3 videogame, was created by designer Brokensoul, from Broken Papercrafts website. A bottlecap mine is a craftable landmine in Fallout 3. A nice model for Cosplayers or to decorate your Geek room. To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

 photo falloutcasepapercraft00103_zps25369642.jpg

Este modelo de papel muito bem feito na escala 1/1 de uma Bottlecap Mine, do game Fallout 3, foi criado pelo designer Brokensoul, do site Broken Papercrafts. A bottlecap mine é uma mina terrestre artesanal no game Fallout 3. Um ótimo modelo para Cosplayers ou para decorar sua sala Geek. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

 photo falloutcasepapercraft00101_zps2e397c7c.jpg

Link to download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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