Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Kuboid Dragon Decorative Paper Model – by Sirrob 01

 photo dragoncube001_zps0ab8288f.jpg

This funny Little Kuboid Dragon decorative paper model was created by designer Sirrob 01. He is a very talented and creative designer and you will find a lot of nice paper models in his page, with emphasis on models for RPG and Wargames.

 photo dragoncube002_zps6f84d4ee.jpg

Este divertido modelo de papel decorativo de um Dragão Kuboid foi criado pelo designer Sirrob 01. ele é um designer muito talentoso e criativo e você encontrará muitos outros modelos em seu site, com ênfase em RPG e wargames.

 photo dragoncube003_zpsde8f33dc.jpg

Link: Little.Kuboid.Dragon.Decorative.Paper.Toy.by.Sirrob.01

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