Saturday, March 22, 2014

Citroen Hy Horse Transport Paper Model - by Camille & Jeanbi

 photo J035_jeanbi_3uiu_zps403421d2.jpg

This is the Citroen Hy Horse Transport vehicle paper model, created by Camille and customized by Jean-François. The model was posted at Le Forum En Papier by Atlas 83.

Este é o modelo de papel do Citroen HY para Transporte de Cavalos, criado por Camille e customizado por Jean-François. O modelo foi postado no Le Forum En Papier por Atlas 83.


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  1. We have been receiving many requests for the "Truck" from the film "Jeepers Creepers"... a "re-color of this model would be Great...
    Your Friend Stacey '''
    Hellos from a chilly and wet Marshville...