Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chattanooga Power House Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

 photo POWERHOAUSSEI22323222_zpsaf547162.jpg

This is the Chattanooga Power House, a paper model that occupies three sheets of paper and is nice for Dioramas, Train sets, RPG or Wargames.

Esta é a Casa De força de Chattanooga, um modelo de papel que ocupa três folhas de papel e é perfeito para Dioramas, Maquetes Ferroviárias, RPG e Wargames.

 photo POWERHO75665ffrerYGG_zps6414380d.jpg

As the sign says: "Providing safe energy since 1918."

Como diz no letreiro: "Provendo energia segura desde 1918."

 photo POWERHOAUSSE6565ggf_zpsad083f60.jpg


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  1. Would be nice if the link actually took one to the download! Typical of just about every post on PAPERMAU!

    1. The blog has over 16,000 posts and 10% of them really don't work anymore. To say that nothing works is a fallacy. Anyway, the blog is free both to join and to leave. You're not even a follower or participant, either with constructive comments or whatever. You obviously don't contribute ideas, links to models or donations either, so just ignore the site and go about your life. Or you can create your own website and make it better than mine.