Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Venetian Gondola Paper Model - by Capaso Blog - Gôndola Veneziana


A really beautiful paper model of a Venetian Gondola, created by Italian designer Capaso, from Capaso Blog. This model will fit perfectly in Venice Diorama (link at the end of this post). I want to thank Jaime Herazo for this nice find!


Um modelo realmente belo de uma Gôndola Veneziana, criada pelo designer italiano Capaso, do site Capaso Blog. Este modelo me parece perfeito para o Venice Diorama (link no final deste post). Quero agradecer à Jaime Herazo por este achado bem legal!

Venice Diorama

Link to the Gondola: Venetian.Gondola.Paper.Model.by.Capaso.Blog

Link to Venice Diorama: Venice.Diorama.by.Papermau.Download.Now!

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  1. Look, mom, i'm famous! XD

    Important thing of note: Unless i'm mistaken, the author actually painted the papercraft with acrylics after it was done, as the parts are in plain uncolored black and white.

    I have no idea if the author would allow it, but just texturing the parts should help for anyone that doesn't want to paint it. Maybe a wooden texture, or some nice solid colors (like they do today, do a google image search for "venetian gondola" and see), or maybe even a texture that makes you feel like it was *painted* white, not sure. This would also allow for variations.

    1. Hello, Jaime,

      From what I saw, the author prints directly onto colored paper, separating the pieces by color before printing.

      This model is easily editable in MSPaint. I'm working on a version with real textures right now.

      Thanks again for your visit and your comments! :)

      Greetings from Brazil!


  2. hi Mauther, thanks for linking my model of Venetian gondola!
    Congratulations for your wonderful blog!
    Greetings from Italy

    1. Hello,Capaso,

      I thank you for this nice model!

      Thanks for the visit too and greetings from Brazil to Italia! :)


  3. good job. How would it be possibile to access tge capaso blog?

  4. i want gondola boat template ,which can be printed and assembeled properly

    pls send link