Friday, December 28, 2012

Medieval Style House Paper Model - by Papermau - The Model Assembled


Here is the Medieval Style House Paper Model, assembled. It is a really little model, what I call desktop model, measuring 6,5 cm tall, 7,0 cm width and 5,5 cm depth.

Aqui, a casa em Estilo Medieval montada. Este é realmente um modelo bem pequeno, medindo 6,5 cm de altura, 7,0 cm de comprimento e 5,5 cm de profundidade.


I used 180 gr paper to build it, but I think 100 gr will be better to make the folds. For those who want to build it, the link in at the end of this post.

Eu usei papel de 180 gramas para montá-la, mas acho que 100 gramas é o ideal para facilitar nas dobragens. Para aqueles que quiserem montá-la, o link está no final deste post.



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  1. I think that it's too small for 1/72 but it's a very nice model!

    1. Hello, Sam,

      Please, what the dimensions for it be usefull for 1/72 scale? Will be a pleasure make another version to you, my friend!

      Thanks for the visit and greetings from Brazil! :)


  2. Yours is 1/100, near as damn it, M ... so it would need to be 139% :) Sam could fine tune with printing ratios.

    Also, a little sharpening of the graphics would be nice :)

    A layered version of different colours (i.e the yellow), would be perfect :) :) :)

    TY again.


  3. Thanks my friends!
    139% is not easy to print in a A4 sheet, no?
    I agree with the Colonel : the yellow is maybe too ... yellow!
    But it could be nice for a medieval town or even another period!