Saturday, November 24, 2012

Polish Diesel Locomotive 410D Paper Model - by Parowozownia Jarocin


The Polish 410D diesel locomotives were produced in the period 0f 1972-1975. With 51 pieces produced just a few copies left. This beautiful and complex paper model in 1/25 scale is from Parowozownia Jarocin Museum, a Polish website.

As locomotivas polonesas 410D à diesel foram produzidas entre os anos de 1972 à 1975. Com apenas 51 modelos construídos, restaram apenas alguns em funcionamento. Este belo e complexo modelo em escala 1/25 é do site polonês Parowozownia Jarocin Museum.

Direct link to the model:

Link to Parowozownia Jarocin main page: Parowozownia.Jarocin.Museum.Main.Page

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