Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Special - Headcrab Mask Paper Model - by Billybob884


From Half Life videogame, her is a creepy mask for your Halloween night: the Headcrab Mask Paper Model, in 1/1 scale, created by North American designer Billybob884. Headcrabs are parasitic lifeforms roughly 2 feet (0.61 m) long. Headcrabs have rounded bodies with four legs for movement: two long clawed legs at the front and two stubby legs at the back. Their pair of large frontal claws are for attacking prey, and as additional support when standing still. Under the headcrab's body is a large rounded mouth surrounded by pointed rigid flesh with sharp claw-like beaks. A really nice one!


Do jogo de videogame Half Life, eis aqui a máscara daquele parasita nojento, o Headcrab, que gruda na cabeça das pessoas e as transforma em uma espécie de zumbí. Este "belo" modelo foi criado pelo designer norte-americano Billybob884 e está em escala 1/1. Se fossem reais eles teriam mais ou menos 60 cm de comprimento. Perfeito para a noite de Dia das Bruxas!


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