Monday, October 15, 2012

Fallout Enclave Radio Paper Model - by MTK Card Craft


A really beautiful paper model of a vintage radio in 1/1 scale, from Fallout videogame, created by MTK Card Craft. Perfect to decorate a Sci-Fi book shelf. I will build one! I look at this model and I imagine Orson Welles narrating "War of the Worlds."

Um belo modelo de um rádio antigo em escala 1/1, do jogo de videogame Fallout, criado pelo designer MTK Card Craft. Perfeito para decorar uma estante de livros Sci-Fi. Eu vou montar um para mim! Eu olho para esse modelo e imagino Orson Welles narrando "Guerra dos Mundos".



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  1. That is superb really like it If I had the space to store one I certainly would make one

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