Friday, September 21, 2012

Roman Marching Camp Paper Model - by Papermau - More One Next Project


A Temporary Roman Camp was made ​​for short stays in one location, while waiting for reinforcements or were preparing strategies to fight. With small modifications this model can be used as a Western fortification.


Um Acampamento Temporario Romano era feito para curtas estadias em determinado local, enquanto se esperavam reforços ou preparavam-se estratégias de combate. Com pequenas modificações este modelo pode ser usado como um Forte Apache, do Velho Oeste.



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  1. Please email me when you finish your Roman Marching camp! It would really help me quite a lot with my plans for teaching our son about the Romans.

  2. Soon...
    It's been 7 years. Will this ever be released?

  3. Também ainda espero por este maravilhoso modelo Mestre Mauther! Para compor minhas figuras de soldados romanos!