Thursday, September 27, 2012

MK53 Indonesian Air Force Papermodel In 1/42 Scale - by ZRP Papercrafter


In April 1978, Indonesia, seeking to increase its aerial capabilities, placed the first of multiple orders for the Hawk. The Indonesian Air Force received more than 40 Hawks in the 1980s and 1990s. - ZRP Papercrafter

Em abril de 1978, a Indonésia, buscando aumentar as suas capacidades aéreas,encomendou primeiro de vários MK53 Hwk. A Força Aérea da Indonésia adquiriu mais de 40 Hawks entre os anos de 1980 e 1990. - ZRP Papercrafter

Link: MK53.Indonesian.Air.Force.Papermodel.In.1/

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  1. The final link at 4shared is invalid... no file to download.

    1. Hello, Anonymous,

      I send a message to the author of the model. Let`s wait to know what he will do, ok?

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      Hello, ZRP,

      The link to download is broken! After 20 seconds to open download, the download don`t starts!

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  2. Hello Mauther...the Link Has been moved to mediafire...all off models of zrp has been move to enjoy the model...thx

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