Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mondorfer Water Pump In 1/25 Scale - by Kallboys


The Real Thing
"At the junction whereGerman cities of Kellergasse, Becker Lane, Lane and Thelen Unterdorfstrasse intersect, there is a 200-year-old pump. The "Pomp op de Kier" is maintained by the "Pumping Community" with love. The model is in 1/25 scale. A special thanks to Peter Bernard,, from the "Master Pump Community" , who has kindly supported with pictures and documents of the pump restoration". - Kallboys

"Na junção onde as cidades alemães de Kellergasse, Becker Lane, Lane e Thelen Unterdorfstrasse se encontram, há uma bomba de água de 200 anos de ,idade. A "Pomp op de Kier" é preservada pela  "Pumping Community". Este modelo está em escala 1/25. Um agradecimento especial à Peter Bernard, da "Master Pump Community", que colaborou fornecendo fotos e documentos da bomba restaurada". - Kallboys


Link to the model: Mondorfer.Water.Pump.In.1/25.Scale.by.Kallboys

Link to Kallboys main page: Kallboys.Paper.Models.Main.Page

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