Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vintage Paper Toy Shop - by Angelika Oeckl


Mrs. Angelika Oeckl generously shares with us this beautiful images of her Vintage Paper Toy Shop. I don`t know to much about this real nice paper project, but most of these models can be freely downloaded at Agence Eureka (link to Agence Eureka website at the end of this post).


a Sra. Angelika Oeckl generosamente compartilha conosco estas belas imagens de sua Vintage Paper Toy Shop. Eu não sei muito sobre este belo projeto, mas sei que a maioria destes modelos podem ser baixados gratuitamente no site Agence Eureka (link para Agence Eureka no final deste post).


Link to Angelika Oeckl`s Vintage Paper Toy Shop Picasa Album:

Link to Agence Eureka Main Page:

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  1. Thank you for posting my friend's exquisite Paper Toy shop, Mauther. Angelika has been working on miniaturizing and adapting vintage paper toys for a long time. She is an accomplished miniaturist whose work is precise and elegant. I hope your followers will investigate the rest of her Picasa albums. Thanks again for sharing her links with us who follow your wonderful blog.

    1. Hello, Giardini,

      Many thanks for your kind words and for the visit! The work of Mrs. Angelika is really stunning!

      Greetings from Brazil!


    2. I think Angelika's toy shop is one of the best staged miniature shops I have had the pleasure to view and I have featured it in my newsletter. It may interest you all to know that I would guestimate about 1/5th--or there abouts--of the goodies displayed in her shop are kits I designed in miniature. These easy-to-make, pre-printed 1:12 kits can be found at my website . I am enjoying passing through Papermau. ~Ann Vanture