Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ames Room Optical Illusion - by Activfilms - via Instructables


Here more one very unusual paper model project, more one kind of optical illusion or Zimmer Paradox, this time made by designer Activfilms, via Instructables site. This cool model was sended to me by Çağrı Akyurt, aka Lunchweek. Many thanks, Lunchweek, for this really nice find!

Aqui mais um modelo de papel bem incomum, mais um tipo de ilusão de ótica, ou Paradoxo de Zimmer, desta vez feito pelo designer Activfilms, via Instructables. Este belo modelo me foi apresentado por Çağrı Akyurt, aka Lunchweek. Muito obrigado, Lunchweek, por este modelo realmente bacana!

Link: Ames.Room.Optical.Illusion.by.Activfilms.via.Instructables

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