Monday, March 12, 2012

The Zimmer Paradox Papercraft - by Online Wahn - O Paradoxo Zimmer

In this room, nothing is quite as it seems, because the walls are in fact not a single right angle. 

The Lego toy figure on the right side appears twice as large as that on the left. In fact, both are equal. This is the Zimmer Paradox and now you can do it at your home.

Nesta sala, nada é o que parece, porque as paredes não estão em um ângulo reto.

O boneco de Lego do lado direito parece duas vezes maior que o do lado esquerdo, mas na verdade, os dois são do mesmo tamanho. Este é o Paradoxo Zimmer e agora você pode fazê-lo em sua casa.


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  1. It's really an astonished paper craft!
    Thanks for sharing: I'll show it to my children and try to build it with them!

  2. Hello, Sam,

    This is a really interesting and unusual model!

    Thanks for your words and your visit!

    Greetings from Brazil!


  3. Excellent model. I used to have a few more. It's actually called an "Ames Room".

    Here are links for other models:

    1. Thanks for the links, lunchweek!
      Do you saw the link to the glider, that I sent to you?

      Thanks for the visit!