Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rose Hotel And Chinese Restaurant Paper Models - by Papermau


Here two easy-to-build paper models representing two real buildings in London, England: The Rose Hotel and A Chinese and Cantonese Restaurant. These models are freely based in photos picked at London Shop Fronts website (link at the end of this post) and they are nice decoration for a desktop or shelf.

Eis aqui dois modelos fáceis de montar, representando dois prédios reais de Londres, Inglaterra: O Hotel Rose e um Restaurante de Comida Chinesa e Cantonesa. Este modelos são livremente baseados em fotos retiradas do site London Shop Facades (link no final deste post) e ficam ótimos como decoração de ambientes de trabalho ou estantes.


Photos by London Shop Fronts www.londonshopfronts 
These photos are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 licence. All photos used in this post are by Emily Webber / London Shop Fronts and you can find the originals at


Link to download the models:

Link to London Shop Fronts Website: London.Shop.Fronts.Main.Page

Copyright of this model: Registered & Protected

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  1. Hi, glad you like my photos of shop fronts. Can you confirm that the name London Shop Fronts and web address feature on the models in line with the licence of the photos. Thanks Emily (

  2. Hello, Emily,

    Very kind of you share all these beautiful images with us. Let me know if how I did the legends in the post now is ok to you. Please, if it is not nice to you, tell me how how I should do. Many thanks for your site and sorry by the "macarroni" English...
    Greetings from Brazil!


  3. Hi Mauther,
    you must include the words:
    "Photos by London Shop Fronts www.londonshopfronts" on the photos you took from my website: tumblr_l9ai4g1QuO1qzsqe5o1_500.jpg and tumblr_l74ke1B69A1qzsqe5o1_500.jpg also on the model: Rose Hotel.bmp and Rose.Chinese.bmp
    This is important and a legal requirement, please update the files and re-upload immediately.

    1. Hello Emily,

      I did it right now. I think it is ok now, but, please, take a look and
      say me it is ok to you. If it not right to you I just will delete the post
      with the photos and the models, to not desagree you.

      Sorry by inconvenience and greetings from Brazil!

    2. Ola,
      Obrigada por adicionar os detalhes no blog. Mas, no entanto, esses arquivos distribuidos para baixar deveriam conter as mesmas informações. Isso inclui os detalhes do direito de imagem. Por favor não esqueça este detalhe, para que as fotos sejam usadas corretamente atualize os arquivos disponiveis para baixar com todas as informacoes de direitos autorais.
      Obrigada, Emily.

    3. Hello, Emily,

      I try to send an e-mail to you at your site London Shop Fronts, but I attached the fixed files, with the corrections you say and the e-mail come back (some error, I don`t know if because the attached .rar file), but I fixed the images of the download link. please, tell me if is ok to you now.

      Thanks and greetings from Brazil!


  4. Mauther

    I have your Rose Hotel and Chinese restaurant sitting on my work bench waiting for me to fix new roofs, as I modified the size of your models Once I get them finished I will try and send you some photos ... it was very enjoyable to be able to make these buildings

    thank you very much for posting and allowing us to down load for free

    1. Nice, Robert,

      I will wait for the photos to publish at the blog!

      Thanks fro the visit and greetings from Brazil! :)


  5. The models download does not contain the papers with the drawings to be able to buid the
    Rose Hotel and Chinese Restaurant.

    1. Hello, my friend,

      Yes, the downloadable files have all the templates to build both models. If you can not download or visualize this, write to my e-mail and I send the files to you, ok? You can write to:

      Thanks for the visit and greetings from Brazil!