Monday, March 5, 2012

Suzuki Wagon Stingray X Paper Car - by Paper Grade


The Real Thing
Suzuki Stingray X is the third generation of Suzuki`s wagons. The Suzuki Wagon is a kei car first introduced in Japan in 1993, and is still in production by Suzuki. It is one of the first cars to use the "tall wagon or tall boy" design in which the car is designed to be unusually tall with a short bonnet and almost vertical hatchback and sides in order to maximise cabin space while staying within the kei car dimension restrictions. The Wagon has been the best-selling kei car in Japan since 2003.
It has been a profitable car for Suzuki even in the International market, mainly since introducing the car in India. Sales of Suzuki Wagon have reached 5 million units at the end of February 2010. - Wikipedia



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