Monday, March 5, 2012

1998 Guinness World Records Paper Airplane - by Origami Kids


Guinness World Records Paper Airplane - There have been many attempts time aloft. Ken Blackburn held this Guinness world record for 13 years (1983–1996) and had regained the record on over the years to break the barriers of throwing a paper plane for the longest October 8, 1998 by keeping his paper plane aloft for 27.6 seconds (indoors). This was confirmed by Guinness officials and a CNN report. The paper plane that Blackburn used in this record breaking attempt was a "glider". This glider is the current king of the paper airplane world. Now you can download the model he flew, and try your hand at your own record. - Origami Kids

Este é o modelo de avião que bateu o recorde de tempo de voo do Guinness Book Of Records. Este recorde (1998), de 27.6 segundos de voo ininterrupto, pertence a Ken Blackburn desde 1983 até os dias de hoje. Este modelo de avião de papel é conhecido como Glider, ou Planador. Ele é considerado o Rei dos aviões de papel. Agora você pode baixar o modelo gratuíto e seguindo as instruções com vídeo no site Origami Kids, tentar bater o recorde mundial.


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