Thursday, March 1, 2012

Star Trek Cube Style Paper Toys - by CyberDrone


"An illustration of how my Star Trek Paper Pezzies I've made so far, will look like when printed, cut and folded together. All of the Paper Pezzy Templates are Glue together Papercrafts. Glue the white tabs only.(All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecrafts, Hako Clone and Paper Pezzies Templates are made on MSPaint. and The 3D illustrations on the free Gimp program.)" - CyberDrone

Muito legal esses paper toys em estilo Cube dos personagens da série Star Trek. Eles foram feitos pelo designer britânico Cyberdrone, que desenhou tudo no MsPaint e ilustrou usando outro programa gratuíto, o Gimp.


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