Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WW2 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G - by Paper Hobby


PhotobucketThe Panther I Ausf G was the final version of the Panther to enter production during the Second World War, and was produced in larger numbers than the previous two versions combined. The production of the Ausf G began in March 1944, and although the high production targets were never met at least 300 tanks were accepted in every remaining month of 1944 apart from October and December. The Ausf G was by far the most common version by the end of 1944, by which time the Panther accounted for over half of the entire German tank force. - historyofwar.org


O tanque de guerra alemão Panther I Ausf G foi a versão final dos modelos Panther a entrar em produção durante a Segunda Grande Guerra Mundial, e foi produzido em maior número que as suas duas versões anteriores combinadas.O Ausf G era de longe a versão mais comum até o final de 1944, altura em que os tanques Panther representavam mais da metade do efetivo blindado de ataque alemão. - historyofwar.org

Model Assembled and Photo by Paper Hobby

Link: WW2.German.Tank.Panzerkampfwagen.V.Panther.Ausf.G.by.Paper.Hobby

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