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Abbey Saint-Andrew de Meymac - by Pierre.Free.Fr - Abadia de Saint-Andrew de Meymac


The Real Thing

Abbey Saint-Andrew de Meymac is old abbey a bénédictine located on the commune of Meymac in the department of Corrèze.
The building of this typical church from Limousin's, in Romanesque type was done in several periods along the 12th century. The porch and three absids are the oldest parts. The steeple has an inner Romanesque vault but the upper part was build in the 17th century without respect for the original style. The absid's position is unbalanced towards nave's axle. Actual monastic buildings are from 17th and 19th centuries and are housing the archeological museum "Marius Vazeilles" and a Contemporary Art Center. They are surrounding the old cloister's squared place. - Pierre

A abadia de Saint-andrew de Meymac é uma antiga abadia beneditina localizada na Comuna de Meymac, no distrito de Corrèze. Foi construída ao longo do Século 12. A configuração arquitetônica que se vê hoje em dia é original dos Séculos XVII, XVIII e XIX e abrigam atualmente o Museu Arqueológico Marius Vazeilles e o Centro de Artes Contemporânea. - Pierre



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