Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aichi D3A1 Val Japanese Aircraft - by Recursos War Games

A very well done model of an Aichi D3A1 Japanese WW2 aircraft, by Argentinian designer Raul Jimenez Andrades.

Model Assembled and Photo by Raul Jimenez Andrades

The Real Thing - Replica - With Traditional Colors Of Japan
The Aichi D3A, Allied reporting name "Val") was a World War II carrier-borne dive bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). It was the primary dive bomber in the Imperial Japanese Navy, and participated in almost all actions, including Pearl Harbor. The Aichi D3A was the first Japanese aircraft to bomb American targets in World War II, commencing with Pearl Harbor and US bases in the Philippines, such as Clark Air Force Base. During the course of the Second World War, the Val dive bomber sank more Allied warships than any other Axis aircraft. - Wikipedia

A WW2 Photo of  Aichi D3A1
O Aichi D3A, ou Val, como era conhecido entre os Aliados, era um avião bombardeiro de mergulho da Marinha Imperial Japonesa. Ele foi o pioneiro entre os aviões de ataque japoneses e participou de todas as campanhas deste país durante a Segunda Grande Guerra, incluindo o ataque a Pearl Harbor e à bases aéreas americanas nas Filipinas. Durante a Segunda Grande Guerra, o Aichi D3A foi o avião de ataque que mais afundou navios aliados, mais que todos os outros aviões das forças do "Eixo". - Wikipedia


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