Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Former Niigata Custom House - by Uhu 02


Built in 1869, it is the only surviving Customs House of Niigata City, in the 5 ports opened at this time. Designated a National Important Cultural Property.

The Real Thing
Niigata City has a history of prosperity as the largest port on the Sea of Japan side of the country for shipping to and from the Pacific side. Later, under the Ansei Treaty of 1859 between Japan, the U.S., Russia, Holland, Britain, and France, Niigata became one of just five Japanese ports open to foreign trade (along with Yokohama, Hakodate, Kobe, and Nagasaki). Against the backdrop of this history, in the early years of the Meiji Era, Niigata's population was the largest of any prefecture in Japan. - www.mofa.go.jp
If you liked this model, download quickly, because Uhu 02 don`t let your models too much time to download.

Link: Former.Niigata.Custom.House.by.Uhu.02

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