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Apple I and Apple II PCs - by Julius Perdana - Paper-Replika


I took the liberty of putting the text of Julius Perdana in this post, since the model in question was made by him. Despite being a personal statement, expresses very well who was Steve Jobs and the importance of his legacy, without cheap sentimentality. Thanks, Julius, for the models and the words. - Mauther

The first thing I read this morning on the net was a friend post, "Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away on Wednesday". I read many times about this former Apple CEO illness before and his recent withdrawal from Apple. He inspired many people including me, I'm not going to begin telling you about his biography, because it already mentioned in every sites today, the world has lost again an optimistic and a visionary man. I was in the middle on designing a commercial commissioned project then I stop for a while because I had the idea to make Mr. Jobs first work, an Apple I computer that produced on 1976 and Apple II produced on 1977, wow! I even didn't able to walk yet on that year :p. Both models have no scale, I quick modeled them by looking at photos. - Julius Perdana

PhotobucketDe Nova York à Austrália, fãs da tecnologia e dos computadores compareceram a lojas Apple do mundo todo para homenagear Steve Jobs, destacando o seu caráter visionário que transformou o cotidiano de milhões de pessoas. Na sede da empresa que Jobs fundou em 1976, na Infinite Loop, 1, Cupertino, Califórnia, bandeiras tremulavam a meio mastro e muita gente se reuniu num gramado próximo após a morte de Jobs, na quarta-feira (5). Abalados, fãs da Apple deixavam flores, e um homem tocava gaita de fole.
Jobs, que morreu aos 56 anos, revolucionou a maneira como os usuários navegam na internet ao lhes dar o iPod, o iPhone e o iPad. Ele havia deixado em agosto o comando da empresa, a maior do mundo no setor de tecnologia.

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