Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sansara Sci Fi Vehicle - by Toposolitario



“Samsara” is derived from “to flow together”, “to wander”, “to go through different states”, always understood in the physical plane, in the earth, during the reincarnation cycle... so, someone who is in samsara state can be called a “wanderer in earth” or in other words a “Land Rover”.
Photobucket At first, the Samsara tries to be a scifi Utility Vehicle, a big truck ready to any environment and task allowing the builder to configure it with a wide array of civilian and military options. So with only one paper model (while you wait for the add-ons which will give many more possibilities and variety). Samsara could be an All Terrain civilian Vehicle, a heavy cargo one, an IFV (infantry fighting vehicle), a mobile radar site, an autonomus SAM launcher, a tank-killer... as many options as you can imagine (well, not so much but you can as always ask me for more models). - Toposolitario


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