Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RWD-25 Poland Aircraft - by Modele Kartonowe - Avião Polonês WW2



RWD was a Polish aircraft construction bureau active between 1928 and 1939. It started as a team of three young designers, Stanisław Rogalski, Stanisław Wigura and Jerzy Drzewiecki, whose names formed the RWD acronym. - Wikipedia

Designed In Poland in 1939 by Jerzy Drzewiecki, Henryk Milicer, Jan Idzikowski and Tadeusz Chyliński. Errand for project got DWL (Doswiadczalne Warsztaty Lotnicze / Experimental Aerial Workshops). Simple and economic pursuit plane. Principal aim of this plane was to intercept hostile bombers and defend of ground objects. RWD 25 was characterize of high rate of climb and good agility. Project has never finished before WW2 and never revived afterward. -

Poland - A Booming Aircraft Industry Pre-WW2 - photo from  Modele Kartonowe    


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