Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paper Model History - A Paper Model From 1529 - via Tektonten

Tektonten says: - The oldest paper model template I have come across is this one created in 1529:


In the archives of the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg there is a Renaissance wood engraving that is thought to be the earliest paper model template ever created. The engraving was produced around 1529 by Georg Hartmann (1489 - 1564), a mathematician and designer of scientific instruments. - Tektonten

If you want to know more about this really unusual paper model, that is a sundial too, please visit Tektonten`s Blog. You will find really nice posts about paper models and several original models made by the author.

Link: Paper.Model.History.A.Paper.Model.From.1529.via.Tektonten

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