Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boat Cleopatra - by Waldenfont.Com - Barco Cleopatra

The "Cleopatra" was designed and built in 1877 to transport an obelisk from Alexandria to London. This obelisk had been presented to the English nation in 1819 by Mehmet Ali, the viceroy of Egypt, in commemoration of the victories of Lord Nelson in the Battle of the Nile and Sir Ralph Abercromby in the Battle of Alexandria.

O "Cleopatra" foi idealizado e construído em 1877 para transportar um obelisco de Alexandria à Londres. Este obelisco foi presenteado à Inglaterra em 1819 por Mehmet Ali, vice rei do Egito, em comemoração às vitórias de Lorde Nelson na Batalha do Nilo, e as de Sir Ralph Abercromby na Batalha de Alexandria.



Link: Cleopatra.Boat

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