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BMW Mini Cooper Paper Car - by Paper Models Online


The Real Thing
Mini (styled as MINI) is a British automotive marque owned by BMW which specialises in small cars.
Mini originated as a specific vehicle, a small car originally known as the Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven, launched by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, and developed into a brand encompassing a range of small cars, including the Clubman, Traveller and Moke.
The original two-door Mini continued in production until 2000.
Development of a successor began in 1995 and the new generation car was launched in 2001.
The current Mini range includes the Hardtop/Hatch, Clubman (estate), Convertible, Countryman (crossover) and Coupe. - Wikipedia

1959 Morris Mini-Minor
MINI é tanto o nome de uma subsidiária da BMW, quanto o nome do modelo por ela produzido.
Sua proposta é de estilo "retro", inspirada no Mini original que foi produzido pela British Motor Corporation e seus sucessores de 1959 a 2000.
A fim de distinguir o novo modelo do antigo, o novo modelo passou a se denominar MINI (com letras maiúsculas). Em 1959, a British Motor Corporation dividiu seu carro com as marcas Innocenti, Austin Motor Company, Rover e Morris. - Wikipedia

Link: BMW.Mini.Cooper.Paper.Car.by.Paper.Models.Online

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