Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station - First Building

Here is the first building of Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station diorama. It seems that all the parts go to incase with perfection, without necessity of many adjustments. I am using the new version of Pepakura Design 3, the High Resolution Version, and it saves a lot of time correcting little bugs.

Aqui o primeiro pedaço do diorama Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station. Parece que todas as peças vão se encaixar com perfeição, sem necessidade de muitos ajustes. Eu estou usando a nova versão do Pepapkura Design 3, O High Resolution Version, e isto me economizou um bocado de tempo com pequenas correções.



My little assistant Maiu working hard, holding the building:

You can see the beginning and the advances of the model in the links below:

Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station - More One Next Project

Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station - Some Advances

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  1. hi, format paper is A4 or A3?
    i see that a the thickness of a few pieces, such as cartels, the exhibitor, are more, why? how did he do? What kind of paper do you use?
    please send me a replay to: dario.vergona@libero.it
    thanks and compliments

    1. Hello, Dario,

      The model of the photos was printed in A4 format. The pieces you say, cartels, the exhibitor, etc, are printed in regular paper and glued in cardboard to increase the thickness. You can use any cardboard, like cereal box (Kellogs), pizza box, medicine boxes. I don`t have more this model ( I give it for a friend who loves Hotwheels), so I don`t remember the exact size, but if you want it in HO scale, my friend Trac, from France make a version in HO scale (1/72 scale).

      All the best and greetings from Brazil!


  2. another thing, the dimensions of the first building, what is holding your daughter access, what?


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