Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2018`s Auto Mechanic Magazine`s Garage Paper Model - by Brother

This garage paper model was originally published in 2018 at Japanese Auto Mechanic Magazine as a gift for the readers. The model occupies twelve sheets of paper and, looking only for the templates, I'd venture to say that this template is on a scale between 1/25 and 1/35.

Este modelo de papel de garagem foi originalmente publicado em 2018 na revista japonesa Auto Mechanic Magazine como um presente para os leitores. O modelo ocupa doze folhas de papel e, olhando apenas para os templates, eu diria que esse modelo está em uma escala entre 1/25 e 1/35.

Link: 2018`s.Auto.Mechanic.Magazine`s.Garage.Paper.Model.by.Brother

Below, a link to 2019`s Auto Mechanic Magazine`s Garage, posted a week ago:

Link: 2019`s.Auto.Mechanic.Magazine`s.Garage.Paper.Model.by.Brother

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