Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dead Worm Bait Shop Paper Model - by Papermau - Part 01
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As I promised yesterday, here is the first part of the Dead Worm Bait Shop paper model. Today you will find the wooden shop and the stone base, and the pieces were divided into five sheets. The download is easy, straight from Google Drive. Have fun!

Como eu havia prometido ontém, eis aqui a primeira parte do modelo de papel da Casa de Iscas Dead Worm. Nesta primeira parte você encontrará a loja de madeira e a base de pedra, sendo que as peças foram divididas em cinco folhas. O download é fácil, direto do Google Drive. Bom divertimento!

Link sheet 01:

Link sheet 02:

Link sheet 03:

Link sheet 04:

Link sheet 05:

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  1. Hi Mauther, what scale is this if printed at 100%? i.e. At what scale did you draw this? Thanks!

    1. Hello, Aldo,

      I don`t know the scale, because I don`t print it yet, but I think is something about 1/33 (not sure, really...)

  2. Also... just noticed sheet.02 says "DEAD WORN" instead of "DEAD WORM".

    1. Sheet fixed. Thaks for the alert.

    2. Oops, sorry, but the same problem on sheet 3.

    3. Oh, man, what a bad head I have... :) Link fixed, Aldo, many thanks again! :)

  3. Is there any way I can use these down loads for "O" scale

  4. When will we see the next part?

  5. really nice design but however can't access bait shop sheets 1 and 2. i can only access 3-5. can you assist?