Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Hotel Chelsea In New York Miniature Paper Model - by Aeon2

Created by German designer and modeler Dirk Kienzler, aka Aeon2, this is the miniature paper model version of the famous Hotel Chelsea, also called the Chelsea Hotel, or simply the Chelsea – a historic New York City hotel and landmark built between 1883 and 1885, known primarily for the notability of its residents over the years

The 250-unit hotel is located at 222 West 23rd Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, in the neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan. The building has been a designated New York City landmark since 1966. Grateful Dead, Tom Waits, Jim Morrison, Dee Dee Ramone, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious and Madonna are just a few of the artists who have stayed or lived in this iconic hotel. 

Here are the dimensions of this model: width: 19 cm, height: 17 cm and depth: 10 cm.

Criada pelo designer e modelista alemão Dirk Kienzler, aka Aeon2, esta é a versão em miniatura do famoso Hotel Chelsea, também chamado de Chelsea Hotel, ou simplesmente o Chelsea - um hotel histórico da cidade de Nova York construído entre 1883 e 1885, conhecido principalmente pela notabilidade de seus residentes ao longo dos anos. 

O hotel de 250 apartamentos está localizado na 222 West 23rd Street, entre a Seventh e a Eighth Avenues, no bairro de Chelsea, em Manhattan. O edifício é um marco arquitetônico da cidade de Nova York desde 1966. Grateful Dead, Tom Waits, Jim Morrison, Dee Dee Ramone, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious e Madonna são apenas alguns dos artistas que se hospedaram ou mesmo moraram neste hotel icônico. 

Aqui estão as dimensões deste modelo: largura: 19 cms, altura: 17 cms e profundidade: 10 cms.


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  1. That is a big red beauty of a model! any word on its scale? from the measurements i estimate 7 x 5 x 3 inches but i cannot figure out the "scale"
    Im really into the 1/64 or "S" scale size models ;)

    1. A tip: print just one sheet, the facade as example, in economic mode and black&white, just to test the size.

    2. That is a brilliant tip! Thank you for all the wonderful models youve shared! especially the ones youve created ;)

    3. You are welcome!

      Greetings from Brazil!