Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Ancient Oven In Pompeii Paper Model - by Papermau
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Here is the Ancient Oven In Pompeii paper model, ready to download. The whole model occupies four sheets of paper and when printed in A4 format, it is in an aproximated scale of 1/24, so is perfect for miniatures in this scale, such as Playmobil and similars. As usual, the model is available in the formats: A3, A4 and Letter, so you can choose the size that is better for your interests. Have fun!

Aqui está o modelo de papel do Antigo Forno em Pompéia, pronto para download. O modelo todo ocupa quatro folhas de papel e, quando impresso em formato A4, está em uma escala aproximada de 1/24, sendo perfeito para miniaturas nesta escala, tais como Playmobil e similares. Como de hábito, o modelo está disponível nos formatos: A3, A4 e Carta, assim você pode escolher o tamanho que é melhor para seus interesses. Boa diversão!

Link to A3 Format:

Link to A4 Format:

Link to Letter Format:

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  1. You're very welcome my friend! Thank you for making and sharing your paper models :)

  2. greetings from Australia papermau. Just letting you know that your website is phenomenal and I only just discovered it. what a trove for papercraft of all kinds. Thank you so much for all your amazing effort. You are FANTASTIC!

    1. Hello, my friend,

      Thanks for your kind words! Greetings from Brazil to beautiful Australia!