Friday, December 8, 2017

Space Dandy - Dandy, Meow & QT Paper Toys - by Anastasiya Istry
& Alexander Suricoma - via Cubeecraft

Created by designers Anastasiya Istry and Alexander Suricoma, using as base an original by Cubeecraft, here are the paper toys of Dandy, Meow and QT, from Space Dandy, a 2014`s Japanese science fiction comedy anime series produced by Bones.

Criados pelos designers Anastasiya Istry e Alexander Suricoma, tendo como base um original da Cubeecraft, aqui estão os paper toys de Dandy, Meow e QT, da série de anime japonesa Space Dandy, que mistura Sci-Fi com comédia e foi produzida pelo estúdio Bones.

Link: Space.Dandy.Dandy.Meow.&

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