Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Game Of Thrones - Westeros Coins Paper Model Collection
by Hellsword Papercraft

Created by French designer Hellsword, from Hellsword Papercraft website, here are the Westeros Coins from Game Of Thrones, which I'm sure will open a smile on the faces of each of the fans of this spectacular series. So, you have Joffrey's Golden Dragon, Robert Baratheon's Copper Star, Walder Frey's Copper Penny, Balon Greyjoy's Copper Star, Balon Greyjoy's Silver Kraken, Tommen Lannister The Second's Silver Moon, Eddard Stark's Silver Stag, Torrhen Stark's Silver Stag and finally, Aerys Targayen's Silver Stag.

Criado pelo designer francês Hellsword, do site Hellsword Papercraft, aqui estão as Moedas de Westweros de Game Of Thrones, que tenho certeza que vão abrir um sorriso no rosto de cada um dos fãs desta série espetacular. Então, você tem o Dragão de Ouro de Joffrey, a Estrela de Cobre de Robert Baratheon, a Moeda de Cobre de Walder Frey, a Estrela de Cobre de Balon Greyjoy, o Kraken de Prata de Balon Greyjoy, a Lua de Prata de Tommen Lannister, o Veado de Prata de Eddard Stark, o Veado de Prata de Torrhen Stark e, finalmente, o Veado de Prata de Aerenas Targayen.

Link: Game.Of.Thrones.Westeros.Coins.Paper.Model.Collection.by.Hellsword.Papercraft

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