Thursday, May 18, 2017

Todo Mundo Em Cana! - by Papermau - Everybody Goes To Jail
A Work In Progress

"É triste! Não escapa um! Se for autêntico esse áudio do Temer assentindo/compactuando com a compra do silêncio do Eduardo Cunha pelo empresário criminoso Wesley Batista, não tem mais jeito, a República cai e aí, podem esquecer as reformas (urgentes e necessárias) da Previdência e trabalhista. Ninguém sabe o que pode acontecer. É cadeia para todo mundo! E o Michel Temer, se cometeu essa obstrução à Justiça como presidente da República, que sua punição seja severíssima e exemplar." - Mauther

"Poor Brazil! Poor Brazilians! The Republic is rotten and no one is saved from drowning in the sea of corruption. To all friends of the blog who do not speak Portuguese and are not aware of the chaotic and surreal situation that settled in Brazil, the paper toys above is my form of protest against the misrule that corrodes my country." - Mauther

Codinome Iolanda. Dracula, Snowman and Nine Fingers

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Pixuleco Na Cadeia Paper Toy - by Papermau - Download Now!



  1. Hello. Could you design a "jail man/ woman" without head? I mean... one headless toy, that you can customize with your local bandit (in my example, a lot of spanish politicians) and then create a separated set of heads with... several worldwide characters?

    Thank you very much for all your work and for sharing.

    1. Hello, David,

      Yes, I can. Write to my e-mail and you and me can work on it together, ok?

      Greetings from Brazil to Spain!