Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Great Sci-Fi Paper Model Collection - by Paper Aviation

Most of these templates were already posted years ago, right at the beginning of the blog, so it's always good to remember that they remain online, available to anyone who sets out to assemble them. There are models from Star Wars, Star trek, Gallactica, Perry Rhodan, Stargate Atlantis, 2010 (the movie), Buck Rogers and more, in several different scales. All models created by German designer and modeler Martin Sänger, from Paper Aviation website.

A maioria destes modelos já foram postados há anos atrás, logo no início do blog, então é sempre bom lembrar que eles continuam online, à disposição de quem se proponha a montá-los. Há modelos de Star Wars, Star Trek, Gallactica, Perry Rhodan, Stargate Atlantis, 2010 (o filme), Buck Rogers e muito mais, em várias escalas diferentes. Todos os modelos foram criados pelo designer e modelista alemão Martin Sänger, do site Paper Aviation.


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