Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Ancient Temple Of Sacrifice Paper Model - by Papermau
Some Updates

Here are some advances in the Temple of Sacrifice paper model. The figures are from the Wargames Foundry website site and are metal miniatures for RPG and Wargames . In the diorama we see two jesuits captured by the Aztecs that soon will have their hearts ripped out and will meet with God. More soon.

Aqui estão alguns avanços no modelo de papel da Templo do Sacrifício. As figuras são do site Wargames Foundry e são miniaturas de metal para RPG e Wargames. No diorama vemos dois jesuítas capturados pelos Astecas que em breve terão seus corações arrancados e irão se encontrar com Deus. Mais em breve.

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  2. Another great addition for a bookcase. Can't wait!


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