Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Minions - Regular Minion Paper Model With 30 Cm Tall - by Sabi 96

With 30 cm tall and occupying 16 sheets of paper, this "Regular" Minion paper model was created by designer Sabi 96.

Com 30 cms de altura e ocupando 16 folhas de papel , este modelo de papel de um Minion "Padrão" foi criado pela designer Sabi 96.

Link: Minions.Regular.Minion.Paper.Model.With.30.Cm.Tall.by.Sabi.96

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  1. The link for the minions model takes me to a dangerous website, not to a model.

    1. Hello, Marilee Hird,

      Ignore the ask for "update system" and look up the screen in the right corner: will be written to wait 5 seconds, then appears: "Close add" or something like this. Just click to close and you will be redirected for Sabi96 website, without tricks.

      Greetings from Brazil!



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