Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Frogs In A Car Going To Vacation Paper Model - by Chase Hallam

Created by my friend Chase Hallam, this is an easy-to-build paper model of a car with a a family of frogs, going to vacation. I think Chase did a really nice job and kids will love it. - "Thanks, Chase, for the honor of showing your work here on the blog! Greetings from Brazil!" - Mauther


Criado por meu amigo Chase Hallam, este é um modelo de papel de fácil montagem de um carro com um uma família de sapos, indo para as férias. Eu acho que Chase fez um ótimo trabalho e creio que as crianças vão adorar. - "Obrigado, Chase, pela honra de mostrar teu trabalho aqui no blog!" - Mauther



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  1. I think the wheels he used came from one of my car papercraft :)