Friday, June 3, 2016

Papercuts 2016 Papercraft Contest - Show Your Original Work!

Eric Brown (Squirmydad) has announced that Papercuts 2016 is a go! Since 2011, The Cardboard Warriors forum, in association with many designers, has sponsored a showcase for designers and builders of paper miniatures and paper terrain for miniature gaming. You can view previous contests at One Monk Miniatures website.

This year's categories are:

. Best Single Figure
. Best Multi-figure
. Best Model kit
. Best Tileset
. Papercraft in Action,
. Hot Rod and Kit-bashers

A new category, Print-n-Play - Original game rules, has been added.

There will also be a Best in Show. All voting is done by the forum members. Registration is free. Prizes will be awarded, so that you can go to One Book Shelf stores and get additional books, miniatures or terrain. The Contest keeps getting bigger each year, and welcomes new members to participate in the categories and voting. So, start thinking of ideas. The contest will run from August 1 to August 31, 2016.

Link: Papercuts.2016.Papercraft.Contest.Show.Your.Original.Work!

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