Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Tyro Paper Toy - by Paperized

This nice paper toy of Tyro, from Final Fantasy Record Keeper videogame, was created by designer Paperized. "Tyro, known as Deshi in Japan, is the main character of Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He is a young boy with short, light brown hair and light blue eyes. He wears blue robes and a blue academic cap with yellow tassels. He also wears a yellow cravat, dark blue pants and brown shoes. As his mentor, Dr. Mog, wears the same outfit, it can be inferred to be the standard uniform for all Record Keepers." - Final.Fantasy.Wikia

 photo tyro.paper.toy.via.papermau.003_zps7gxasxsg.jpg

Este paper toy bem legal do Tyro, do game Final Fantasy Record Keeper, foi criado pelo designer Paperized. "Tyro, conhecido como Deshi no Japão, é o personagem principal de Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Tyro é um garoto com cabelo castanho curto e olhos azuis claros.
Ele usa uma toga azul e um chapéu acadêmico com borlas amarelas. Ele também usa uma gravata amarela, calça azul escuro e sapatos marrons. Como seu mentor, Dr. Mog, usa a mesma roupa, pode-se deduzir que seja o uniforme padrão para todos os detentores de registros." - Final.Fantasy.Wikia

 photo tyro.paper.toy.via.papermau.001_zpssgdrnh8o.jpg

Link: Final.Fantasy.Record.Keeper.Tyro.Paper.Toy.by.Paperized

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