Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Limo Paper Model - by Papermau - The Assembly - Part 01

 photo limobannerassemble001_zps9eccc7cf.jpg

Here is the first part of the assembly of the Limo paper model, or, the little Limousine/Diplomatic Car.

Aqui está a primeira parte da montagem da Limo, ou, a pequena Limusine/Carro Diplomático.

 photo limoassemblepaprt01001_zps15e76054.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01003_zps0fad7d81.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01004_zps77d57c1c.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01005_zpsec86d088.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01006_zpsaa84f4e1.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01007_zpsa40bb428.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01008_zpsb195b0a8.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01009_zpse2399057.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01010_zpsd516e03e.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01011_zps11390e93.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01012_zps029b51a7.jpg
 photo limoassemblepaprt01013_zps24807932.jpg

More soon. / Mais em breve.

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