Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hut With Thatched Roof Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

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This is the Hut With Thatched Roof, a paper model in 1/32 scale and occupying four sheets of paper. If you like it, at the end of this post you will find the templates in three different formats (A3, A4 and Letter). Download easily, directly from Googgle Drive. Enjoy!

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Esta é a Cabana com Telhado de Palha, um modelo de papel na escala 1/32 e ocupando quatro folhas de papel. Se você gostou, no final deste post você encontra este modelo em três formatos diferentes (A3, A4 e Carta). Baixe facilmente, direto do Google Drive. Bom divertimento!

 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014003_zps0b329dc4.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014004_zps34aa4a66.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014005_zps459581c3.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014006_zps3db18a89.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014007_zps94fabdf6.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014008_zpsbe6bd90c.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014009_zps99bcfdf7.jpg
 photo medhauspapermodelpapermau2014010_zps58b6ea83.jpg

Link to A3 Format:

Link to A4 Format:

Link to Letter Format:

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