Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Radisson Royal Hotel Paper Model In 1/144 Scale - by Skyscrapers144 via Skyscraper City

 photo 1100scalebuilding005_zps130e599c.jpg

This really beautiful paper model in 1/144 scale of the Radisson Royal Hotel, ex Ukraine Hotel, was created by designer Skyscrapers144 and posted at Skyscraper City Forum.

Este belo modelo de papel em escala 1/144 do Radisson Royal Hotel, antigo Ukraine Hotel, foi criado pelo designer Skyscrapers144 e postado no Forum Skyscraper City.

Link page 01: Radisson.Royal.Hotel.Paper.Model.In.1/144.Scale.by.Skyscrapers144.via.Skyscraper.City.Part.01

Link page 02: Radisson.Royal.Hotel.Paper.Model.In.1/144.Scale.by.Skyscrapers144.via.Skyscraper.City.Part.02

Link page 03: Radisson.Royal.Hotel.Paper.Model.In.1/144.Scale.by.Skyscrapers144.via.Skyscraper.City.Part.03

Link page 04: Radisson.Royal.Hotel.Paper.Model.In.1/144.Scale.by.Skyscrapers144.via.Skyscraper.City.Part.04

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